Ashtangayoga med Dylan Bernstein 2024

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Deepening Your Ashtanga Practice with Dylan Bernstein💥

Dylan is back! Wanted by many ♡  Dylan was introduced to yoga and meditation in 1988 – has a lot to share….
♡  2024 ♡ or maybe earlier….

Date: New dates is coming up…

Where: usyoga – Borås

4 Morning Mysore and 4 Afternoon workshop classes: Thursday, Friday, Saturday  and Sunday


👉 You book early(1st) OR late (2nd) start time ALL Morning Mysore ♡

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Dylan Bernstein – Personal Biography

Vem är Dylan?
Läs mer om honom och hans historia.

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Lärare: Dylan Bernstein


Deepening Your Ashtanga Practice

- with Dylan Bernstein

Dedication to Detachment……

Borås – usyoga – 2024

Very quickly, we all realized that yoga practice would require immense dedication. We may have even felt like it would take more than we could give. But slowly, slowly with time and practice, there is “a loosening of effort… and the practitioner may merge with the infinite.” This is a loose translation of Patanjali describing a stage in asana practice. For Dylan, detachment is the real cornerstone of lifelong practice. The alchemy of detachment may be able to turn the coal of disappointment into the gold of realization, the effort into the effortlessness and our struggles into acceptance. It certainly doesn’t seem to happen easily – so dedication is still very much in the mix. We’ll polish up our postures, transitions, drishtis… as well as chant, breathe and allow ourselves to simply sit being ourselves. Dylan’s heart is overjoyed to return and reconnect with the lovely Swedish community. All are welcome and please come as you are!

Thursday June :   

– Mysore practice – starting 06:00 or 7:55

Where: usyoga

– Workshop – 16:00 – 18:00

Where: usyoga


Form to Formlessness

We work within standard and set forms. However, our internal experience is the true reward. Let’s microscope the Primary Series and see if our attention to details can create comfortable, sustainable practice.

Friday June :

– Mysore practice – start 6:00 or 7:55

Where: usyoga

– Workshop – 16:00-18:00

Where: usyoga

Effort to Effortlessness

Let’s work both sides of the effort riddle together. We’ll explore some postures and transitions that require dedication. And we’ll also enjoy some techniques that are more effortless.

Saturday June :

– Mysore practice – starting 7:30 or 9:25

Where: usyoga

 – Workshop – 14-16

Where: usyoga

Improvement through Non-Improvement

Do you sometimes feel like the yoga path is only asking you to be better and better at the yoga path? What if you were perfect simply as you are?! Together we’ll examine how Ashtanga’s vinyasa system can lead us to greater acceptance and joy. We’ll also experience refreshing sitting practices and have time for questions and reflection.

 Sunday June :

– Mysore practice – starting 7:30 or 9:25

Where: usyoga


– Workshop – 14:00-16:00

Where: usyoga

Seated Practices

With nothing more to learn or perfect, no where else to go and no specific person to be… we’ll simply enjoy simple practices. The pranayama we polish here won’t be challenging. The chanting will be for deep delight. We’ll explore the senses and also their restraint. Any hard work previously invested might lead to the release of this celebration together. As Gandhi famously summed up all ancient Indian philosophies, “Renounce and Rejoice!”


Full Workshop – 8 classes for 2995:- SEK

Dylan Bernstein – Personal Biography

Dylan was fortunate enough to be introduced to yoga and meditation in 1988. These essential tools helped him negotiate the turbulent seas of his teens and twenties. Then Ashtanga yoga discovered Dylan at the end of his first year in India. He has maintained a daily practice ever since. A lifelong interest in Asian philosophy, culture and poetics brought him to reside in Asia, where he has maintained his home base since 2001. He has learned immensely both by traveling widely and by living in Vietnam, India and now Hong Kong.
In addition to time spent in Mysore with Shri K Pattabhi, Saraswathi and Sharath Jois, Dylan has been blessed to connect with other dear  and brilliant senior teachers from the Ashtanga lineage. Time spent working and residing in the monasteries of Venerable Thích Huyền Diệu has also proven immensely insightful. Dylan has taught on four continents and continues to be influenced by many other teachers and diverse traditions. Perhaps his primary inspiration has become his dynamic and inquisitive students. He is forever indebted to all the teachers, students and fellow practitioners who have helped him along the way.
Dylan has a master’s degree in Buddhist studies, was authorised to teach Ashtanga by the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in 2012 and is EYRT-500 certified by Yoga Alliance. A student of teaching techniques, Dylan has a background in pedagogy and cognitive development. His classes are designed to put students into direct contact with their own true internal teachers. Yoga has never been limited to asana for Dylan and yet, he values the critical role that the physical practice can play in bringing light to one’s whole being. Essentially, Dylan remains a pluralist, believing in many kinds of truth and many manners of realization.
Though entertainment is not his focus in teaching, there is always room for laughter in his classroom. Though the land and conditions around him are often shifting, the practices keep him grounded internally, allowing for stability even when in the midst of change. Ashtanga vinyasa coupled with pranayama and other sitting practices continue to be the foundations of his understanding and teachings.

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