Ashtangayoga med Damien de Bastier 2024

2.995,00kr inkl. moms

⭐️ Deepening Your Ashtanga Practice with ⭐️ Damien de Bastier ⭐️

Damien has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 25 years, was our first guest teacher at usyoga!
He is finally back ♡

Date:  New dates is coming up…

Where: usyoga, Borås

4 Morning Mysore & 4 Afternoon – Workshop Classes

*** You book early(1st) OR later (2nd) start time ALL Morning Mysore ♡ And the whole workshop!
These workshop are usually always fully booked. Don’t miss!


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Damien de Bastier – Personal Biography

Vem är Damien?
Läs mer om honom och hans historia.

Mer Information

Lärare: Damien de Bastier


Deepening Your Ashtanga Practice

- With Damien

Alignment – Energies – Yoga philosophy of the Bhagavad gita – Kinstretch

Borås – usyoga – New Workshop coming up in 202?

4 Morning Mysore classes and 4 Afternoon workshops.

Thursday 15th October:   

– Mysore practice – starting 6:00 or 7:45

– Workshop – 16:00-18:00

Principles of alignement (asanas)

In this workshop we look at the principles that support a safe and wholesome practice. Since yoga is not just a gymnastic of the body, Alignment should reflect and express harmony in the whole person: body, mind and heart..

Through alignment we seek to integrate inner peace, find stability and deepen our sense of freedom.

Friday 16th October:  

– Mysore practice – starting 6:00 or 7:45

– Workshop – 16:00-18:00

Intro to ayuryoga – elements, energies and organs

Saturday 17th October:

– Mysore practice – starting 7:30 or 9:15

– Workshop – 14:00-16:00

Chanting and yoga philosophy of the Bhagavad gita

Sunday 18th October:   

– Mysore practice – starting 7:30 or 9:15

– Workshop – 14:00-16:00


Is a mobility system that brings more intelligence in our movement patterns. Focusing on bringing out our restrictions and methodically working at erasing them. Uses strength and tissue resistance to modulate the nervous system into creating space. very safe and efficient..

Full Workshop 8 classes for 2995:- SEK

Damien de Bastier – Personal Biography


Damien de Bastier has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 28 years. It was ’love at first stretch’ when he was introduced to the ashtanga practice as it combined his passions for sports, meditation and self-inquiry. As an authorized teacher his intention is to share the gifts of the ashtanga method as they have been transmitted to him by his teachers, Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois. As a guide, Damien draws from backgrounds in psychology, bodywork and yoga therapy to create a safe and nurturing environment in order to inspire people to dive in the ocean of yoga and embark on the transformational journey toward themselves. When not teaching at his school in Bali, Damien travels around the world and shares his passion for yoga with insight, humor and compassion.


Ashtanga yoga originally from Mysore, India is based on the precise weaving of body movements and breath movements into a deepening flow of yoga poses. Akin to a cooking process the heat generated, the struggle endured and the peace revealed combine together to reveal the flavor of your Being. In these workshops we will peal open the various layers of the ashtanga method and deepen our understanding of anatomy and yoga philosophy.

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